FIRST SINGLE - release date announced

Hollow legs will be releasing their first single on Friday 13th April 2018! 

Obviously we believe in facing the prospect of bad luck head on.

The release will be on all platforms (Spotify, apple, etc) and will also be available for free download. We hope you like it, and if you do, why not share it or tell your mates.

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Somewhere in the cold cold depths of Blyth, 4 lads crouch round an electric heater, freezing their proverbials off one at at time.

Why, you ask? 

The recording process has begun dear friends! However, money is tight and needs must, so the boys have made use of their rehearsal space to carry out the deeds. Frostbite is a small price to pay to be able to finally bring to bare the fruits of their labour.

Stay tuned folks...